Our delicious and specially prepared meals are just what are needed after a day out enjoying the Hakuba nature.

Enjoy a delicious blend of Japanese and Western style seasonal cuisine in our hotel restaurant.

Restaurant Guide

Choose from our wide selection of fine wines and Japanese 'sake' to suit the occasion.

Sit back and relax as you soak in the atmosphere of Hotel Taigakukan.

Hot Springs

After an energetic day on the ski slopes or climbing mountains, how about enjoying a long, relaxing soak in our natural onsen hot springs? We have both indoor and outdoor baths for you to enjoy.

indoor hot spring

There are two types of Happo hot springs to enjoy.

Happo onsen (Simple alkaline hot spring)


After a long soak in the baths, you can relax in our hotel or outside on our peaceful patio (in summer months).。


Meet a tender time.

A stay at Hotel Taigakukan will make your Hakuba experience all the more memorable.

Facilities Data

  • 21 rooms in total:
    • - 15 Japanese style rooms
    • - 5 Western style rooms
    • - 1 Japanese-Western style room
  • Parking area available for 20 cars (including large-size buses)
  • Restaurant, Bar and Lounge areas;
  • Wine cellar「sakakura」
  • mini-museum room
  • Quality of hot spring simple alkaline spring (low alkalinity and high tonicity spring)
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the hotel and meeting rooms
  • Desktop computer for guests. (1 computer in the lobby)

Special Gallery of locations and scenes in the movie “Giniro no Season”

Happo has been a good location for shooting times.

Our hotel was used in the movie, “Giniro no Season”, as Hotel Hanamizuki.

A hotel with history
Taigaku-kan is always by the history of Hakuba